5 Steps To Building Your First Sales Funnel

So, you are interested in Sales Funnels? I am here to help you with 5 steps to building your first sales funnel. Maybe you’ve looked at ClickFunnels or Lead Pages and decided this is the route to more sales in 5 simple steps.  

Imagine a world where you’ve created your products and created a wide-ranging sales funnel. Every time you sell your initial offering you’ve got additional products that your customers are chomping at the bit to get to. Amazing, right? Money is pouring in.

But, right now, it’s just not happening. Something went wrong. I’ve been there. I know how you are feeling.

You have visitors, hell you may even have fans, but where are my CUSTOMERS! Are your sales failing? Are you at the edge of despair not knowing how to drive revenue?

Don’t worry. Did you know 99.9% of people fail to make money online? Yes, it’s true, but we are different! Let’s start out on the road to freedom, let’s prove to ourselves we have what it takes.

First, the basics. Let’s focus on the 5 steps to build your first sales funnel.

You are just a few scrolls away from energising your sales funnels journey!

Building Your First Sales Funnel Contents

What is a sales funnel?

Let’s start with the basics. What is a sales funnel? It’s pretty simple really and it’s all back up with a nice simple diagram to remind you!

The Killer ClickFunnels AIDA Sales Funnel
The AIDA Sales Funnel

The Sales Funnel, or sometimes known as a purchase funnel or a conversion funnel, is a process itself that goes way back, nope further…keep going.

Yes, in 1898, E. St. Elmo Lewis developed a model that mapped the customer journey from when they first became aware of a brand through to their decision to purchase something. It focuses on 4 elements called AIDA. There are adapted and enhanced versions of this, but let’s keep it simple for now:

Awareness – the customer is aware of the existence of a product or service

Interest – actively expressing an interest in a product group

Desire – aspiring to a particular brand or product

Action – taking the next step towards purchasing the chosen product

Source: Wikipedia Purchase Funnels

If we take this to the next step on our e-commerce journey, we can translate it to our process to our 5 steps to build your first sales funnel. Creating additional downstream sales that continue to work and bring repeat customers.

The largest part of the funnel represents your potential customers, the greatest amount of people. This is the top of your funnel. The funnel then reduces, getting smaller to you end up with your repeat customers.

The parts in between can be tailored and there are lots of different styles and approaches to funnels to discuss. But we’re keeping it simple, right? Right. We will save those for another day.

Create a killer landing page.

First impressions count, right? Of course, they do. Your website is no different when building your first sales funnel. Therefore, it should make sense that you should take the time and effort to make sure it looks:

  • Professional
  • Engaging
  • Trustworthy

The sign of a good landing page is one that encourages your visitors to sign-up to a mailing list so you can re-use their information to engage with them. The key here is not to be completely full-on salesy. People buy into value and sincerity.

Deliver good value and content and maximising the relationship will come. Even if you are focused on direct sales offering the ability to capture visitor information allows you to continue that engagement even if they don’t buy straight away.

The best way to assist your sales funnel here is with an efficient and automated email marketing campaign.

Hook the customer with a front-end offer.

 “Always Be Closing”, a quote from the 1992 movie Glengarry Glen Ross (great cast, check it out!). Well, in a similar vein, “Always Be Selling” or, as the case may be, pre-selling.

Your landing page and initial sales offerings are the foot in the door with the customer. The key revenue drivers come in the sales funnel and to drive those sales we need to be teeing up the customer for what is to come, how the follow-on products will create even more value for them.

Creating a sales funnel is about creating a mindset within the customer so they are primed for conversion. If you are presenting your own products (or even if you are not), I highly recommend the NUMBER ONE tool, no I insist, that you add to your arsenal to help make you money…Copywriting.

Yes, that simple. Ask all the leading marketers and it’s the same. As Gary Halbert once said, “The written word is the strongest source of power in the entire universe”. Powerful stuff.

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Create excitement with the upsell.

Your initial sale was a primer. The upsell is where it’s at. The upsell has to deliver value. That can take the shape of upgrading the service, more functionality, complementary products, different types of coaching such as group or one to one coaching or even better a re-occurring subscription. This is called the upsell.

Re-evaluate what you are providing to customers in your initial sell. Are you giving too much? Have you placed your price point too high? Could you change that offering and turn it into an upsell?

Typically upsells tend to be more expensive, but I suggest playing with the process. As discussed, mindset is key. If a customer has just bought a product they are in the mindset of buying. They are ready to spend more. Now you need to convince them and sell them on the value. Copywriting, copywriting, copywriting!

However, sometimes the upsell offer isn’t taken. Oh no we’ve lost the sale. Or have we?

Step 3 didn’t work? Follow your sale with a down-sized option.

You didn’t get the upsell. Now isn’t the time to give up on building your first sales funnel. Don’t be disheartened we have the process for that as well. Now, we look at a down-sized option. An option that still holds value but is a downgraded version.

The thing to remember with any sales funnel is that it is all beneficial. A downgraded sell is still a sell. Be considerate of your customers. Offer products that can fit a number of scenarios. Even if you don’t sell, we’ve captured the customer’s details and we are ready to continue growing our relationship with them.

Maybe they are short on time. Maybe they are short on budget. These things may change and by continuing with our automated email marketing campaigns we can continue to engage them ready for the time they are ready.

Engage. Repeat. Engage.

You’ve finished the process in building your first sales funnel. Great, well done. I’m joking. It’s only just beginning. Hopefully, now you have a customer who has purchased an upsell or even a downgraded upsell (confusing?). Maybe they didn’t buy at all for some of the reasons we’ve mentioned.

Importantly you’ve started a relationship and now is the time to build on it. This can be through updates, free content, offers for other products or you can go back to them with a timely discount whilst they are still in the buying mindset.

As ever…test, test, test. See what works for your business model. Nobody said it was easy (Aghhh! Now I have Coldplay in my head).


I hope you enjoyed our walk through the 5 steps to building your first sales funnel. Now it’s time to build on that and get moving. If I can urge you to do anything after reading this, it’s to get started. Take Action. Don’t be one of the 99.9% of people who don’t.

If this sounds like a lot of hard work, then I recommend trying a free 14-day trial at Click Funnels to help you in building your first sales funnel. It is hands down the best tool and is simple to use helping you create landing pages with ease.

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5 steps to building your first sales funnel

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